Are you a Fire nature?

Fire Nature

So you have taken the questionnaire and you are a Fire nature. The following information has been gathered to help you to understand your nature when you are balanced and when you are out of balance. And what helps to keep your nature balanced and happy.

Balanced Nature Characteristics
Very Intelligent
Organized and precise
Good decision makers
Good leaders
Usually very focused
Preference for routine
Excellent teachers and speakers

Out of Balanced Characteristics
Anger easily
Irritable, little patients
Cruel or harsh to others

Sensory experience:

Fire is linked to the sense of Sight

Mind Set: Sharp, intellectual mind they have strong views and argue there points well are ambitious 

Body Type:  tend to be solid athletic type build, medium build, good sleeper needs less than most

Skin Type: “shouting skin” sensitive skin  fire natures soft fine skin that is a warm and radiant when 
balanced when out of balance they can sun damage easily and are prone to allergies, occasional breakouts eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.  

Hair: usually thin hair with oily roots they tend to gray early and balding

Temperatures: favor cool temperatures, light sheets for bedding

Exercise: walking, mediation, and light weight lifting

Foods to avoid: spicy, acidic, and salty food will cause digestion issues

Foods to eat: Cool foods and liquids to balance the fire

Wellness techniques : Close eyes cover with palms of hands and hold. Breathe deeply and exhale 9 times.

Aromatherapy is a quick way to create balance as well. The following is a list of essential oils 

Fire natures

Geranium : restore balance to mature sensitive and uneven skins, promotes stress reduction, induces contractions, heals scares, promotes cell growth.

Ylang Ylang:  eases tension, helps fight depression and uplifts mood, stops sebum secretion, increase libido, reduces blood pressure, cures nervous disorders, comforts and balances skin and scalp.

Sandalwood: Calms senses, promotes focus, grounds feelings, helps tone and balance dry mature and oily skin, comforts skin after its skin after it has been shaved, sooths inflammation due to fever, tightens muscles, stops hair fall out, heals scars, keep skin smooth and free of infection, boost health and immunity

Peppermint: aids in pain relief, induce numbness, relaxes spasm, stops hair falling out, lifts skin, induces firmness in muscles, good for brain and memory, warming, clears congestion and eases breathing good for stomach, contracts blood vessels


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